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09.09.21 | 15:00 – continuously

Situated-2021. Claiming a space for collaboration

Salon Flux

“I talked to a poet, originally from the UK but living in NYC for decades now, about the charisma of spaces the other day. He thought that it was largely the history of spaces that makes them charismatic. When I asked him, what the most charismatic place in NYC was for him, he said it might be the Grand Central Station (which I still have not been to). I also told him about our collaboration and about the video David and you shot, about the session with Ali, and about the lines on the floor. I think he was then trying to figure out what the “piece” was we were working on. I told him that there wasn’t a piece, that we are just playing, which was a completely new thought to him, which clearly puzzled him. Not in a bad way. And that lead us to talking about that generosity. Also in regards to the salon flux event. And in a way I think that this trust in each other and this generosity which enables the experimentation is maybe, possibly the most precious and invaluable thing we have, or have created.” 

Salon Flux develops an interactive and continuously growing collaborative installation during the festival that manifests itself – digitally supported and localized – at various locations in Dornbirn. It explores imaginaries of places, psychogeographies of spaces and spatial transformations through body movement and tries to claim space for collaborative artistic practice.  

How can different patterns of movement be located in space? How can atmospheres be explored, reflected and developed through movement? And how can the body be represented digitally?  

Mira Loew plays with different movement patterns while David Altweger – by means of sound and projection – translates these patterns into space, thus enabling a continuously changing mode of experiencing movement in space.  

As always with Salon Flux, the spaces played with are charged with charisma and history through plants and furniture and become a temporary, inviting gathering place. 

Key Information

Date & Time
09.09.21 | 15:00 – continuously

Local participation in public space and different locations  

Parallelly featured in Miro 

CampusVäre, Spinnergasse 1, 6850 Dornbirn, Austria