Simon Seraphin

Digital events and their theoretical backgrounds using the exa mple of the concept for 3D conference "VORfahrt"

Lecturer: Mag.a Margarita Köhl, MAS 

The dominance of digitization and technologization can be seen in every area of life. The introduction of the Web 2.0. represents a significant turnaround that has led to the need to redefine living environments. Due to the technical and subsequent social changes, the question arises whether the area of events and trade fairs can and should also correspond to this spirit of time through an adequate digital orientation. In addition to saving time for visitors and exhibitors, this added value can manifest itself in the protection of the climate and everyones wallet. But how can a conference be organized digitally without having to forego the familiar atmosphere, the company of other people and the typical “trade fair feeling”? A prototype will be created to examine the effects, possibilities and acceptance of the users. In addition, the focus should be on whether the concept of this prototype is useful at all, but also applicable, and if so, by which target group.With the specially developed format of a 3D conference called “VORfahrt”, answers to these questions are to be found and consequently analyzed using qualitative research methods.