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Lisa Pfefferkorn

gNORMT – NORMEN FORMEN. The design approach to raising awareness of gender norms with regard to early childhood development.

Lecturer: Dr. Hubert Matt

We all have a concrete idea of what makes a man and a woman and what role a person has because of their gender. These images are omnipresent. They are reflected in behaviour, objects and language and are shaped, nurtured and reinforced by society, family and institutions. As children come into contact with stereotypical attributions even before birth, we find ourselves in a vicious circle that needs to be broken.This paper builds on the thesis that the socially constructed pink-blue thought pattern can be broken primarily through conversations. Based on literature research as well as existing empirical studies, those points of contact are illuminated where the imprinting of children is most apparent. This is where both the need for action and the impact of interventions are greatest. My project gNORMT represents an attempt to create a place of exchange and to sensitise people to gender norms. The project is described below and evaluated on the basis of qualitative interviews with the dialogue group. In addition, based on existing practical projects, further methods and measures are described in order to raise awareness and achieve long-term behavioural change. My bachelor thesis can only represent a snapshot, especially since social norms are always changing. Since we all help to shape change, this work embodies food for thought. We decide what we want to model and pass on to our children. In this way, we can all play a part in breaking down prevailing norms so that children can develop freely and independently.