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Lisa Theresa Kostrzewa

Between consumers and quality label. Communication concept for the value of a certified product - the example FSC

Lecturers: Dr. Karl-Heinz Weismann, Dipl.-Des. Michael Kneidl

Quality labels can already be found on a wide range of products and are intended to provide orientation for consumers during the purchase. In view of the clue that consumption needs to be sustainable, the market share of certified products should be further increased. In this context, quality labels are often associated with a good conscience in relation to the consumed pro-ducts. But what distinguishes a certified product and what is the meaning of a quality label? This paper refers to this and goes on to explain how the value of a certified product can be communicated towards the consumers. To provide orientation, the quality label needs a transparent and comprehensible description which makes the consistent standards of a certification and its verification visible. Such a description is designed within the framework of the concept for der Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The result is a communication concept that shows how the impact of a certification can be communicated. The concept can be adapted to various requirements and transferred to other certifications. A transmedia narrative world expands the description in form of a story and illustrates the value of a certified product. A certification implies the management of a resource. In this respect, a label cannot stand for the full protection of a resource, but it can influence the way it is managed and thus create awareness for consumer products.