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Eisnecker Julia

TRASHITUP Furniture upcycling

Lecturer: DI Dr. Roland Alton-Scheidl

The following thesis gives an insight into the development of today‘s consumer and throwaway society. It is intended to help uncover the reasons for the current environmental problems, the associated consequences and to understand why the earth overload day is earlier and earlier every year. To this end, the development of consumption, the environmental problems and the resulting measures were examined in more detail at the beginning. In order to strengthen are more sustainable awareness of furniture, in addition to the history of furnishings, the strategy of the furniture companies were also analyzed in more detail to find out why cheap furniture is consumed and what the promise of a more sustainable future in the furniture sector is about.In addition, the online platform „TRASHITUP“ is described in more detail. Contents, design and communication are ex-plained and evaluated using usability tests with the focus target group. In order to underpin the present work, an expert interview was carried out, which also provides impressive findings.