Jule Pallasch

Conception and realisation of a modular tool for interdisciplinary teaching of digital literacies

Lecturer: Mag.a Dr.in Margarita Köhl, MAS 

The increasing digitization in German schools has made the associated media literacy a necessary skill. As a central place of education, schools should enable their students to address and reflect their media experiences. Digital literacy, which is closely related to this, are competencies for reflecting on the digital environment of students and teachers and being able to move and explore the digital habitat as an active member of society in a secure and information-based manner.This paper explores how digital literacy can be promoted in an interdisciplinary manner for teachers and students in high schools in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The following research questions are addressed: (1) Which digital literacies should be acquired by teachers and students in schools? (2) How can digital literacy be integrated into the classroom across subjects? (3) How can a product be designed, implemented and evaluated that enables the cross-curricular promotion of digital literacy?To answer these questions, theoretical determinations, including educational policy regulations and concept papers, media competency models, and game-theoretical approaches were examined. In addition, guided expert interviews were conducted. Based on these analysis, specific requirements for the cross-curricular conception of a modular educational game were derived. These requirements were implemented and evaluated using ‘Body Images on Social Media’ as an application scenario. The results of the evaluation showed a high motivation and fun factor due to the integrated game elements, as well as the interest of the students and teachers. Furthermore, the Educational Game promoted reflective competence as well as the adoption of and engagement with different points of view.Therefore, this work contributes to the closing of the research gap on digital literacy in the German school sector and provides an educational game that is able to promote digital literacy without any specific technical or digital competencies.