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Florian Ramsebner

Approach for technology-supported mediation. Cultural historic content in the context of museology

Lecturer: Mag.a Margarita Köhl, MAS 

In general deals this paper with an approach and the attempt to create a virtual world, through which multisensual learning in three-dimensional space should be made possible. The successful combination of an accurate replica of an ancient city combined with the interactivity of an experienceable VR game is the goal of this project. Through the symbiosis of these two elements, an additional value should be created, which subsequently leads to the fact that people who experience this virtual space can take away as much input as possible from this concept.The special feature is the form of presentation and the interactivity, which allows the players to immerse themselves in an immersive experience, which on a playful level, provides knowledge about the time period of the ancient city of Brigantium and thus successfully conveys it.My project started through the collaboration with the Vorarlberg Museum. Through several meetings with the cultural education department and also with the archaeology department of the museum, a design thinking process was initiated.The central focus of this project was on the visitor itself. It was essential to first understand what the needs of people visiting the Vorarlberg Museum are and under which circumstances an exhibition object, such as a VR application, can bring about the most pleasant and goal-oriented experience possible. In the course of this process, it was possible to work out certain factors that are essential for creating an application that works for the Vorarlberg Museum in the context of an exhibition.