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Elisabeth Marx

DevelopmentGame Evolution. Video Game Concept for a Glance behind the Scenes of Game Development

Lecturer: Mag.a Margarita Köhl, MAS 

This bachelor thesis is about the women’s quota in the field of Game Development which is still widely regarded as a male dominated industry. This work is aimed at increasing the number of women in this field. First, an overview of the history of women in the video game industry is given. Next, specific barriers and problems that can prevent women from taking up a career in Game Development are considered. These barriers are also relevant in other men’s industries. In order to break down such barriers, the video game prototype Game Evolution was developed, which serves as a communication tool. It is examined whether a video game is suitable for communication and which methods can be used to communicate effectively. Later, the development process of the prototype and the design decisions that were made are examined more closely and it is evaluated whether the prototype was able to break down barriers. For this purpose, guideline-based interviews were carried out, as well as a brief observation of the test subjects while they were playing the prototype.