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Steurer Angelika

MAXI - s'ländlekalb: Veal from Vorarlberg

Lecturer: DI Dr. Roland Alton-Scheidl

The following paper provides insights into the legal regulations as well as the problems of animal transports, especially calf transports. The reader should also be made aware of how this problem came up and which historical references should be taken into account. In the course of this, agriculture in Vorarlberg is described and illustrated in more detail – how it developed anWd why dairy farming is so dominant in the Alpine region. Due to project-related relevance, sponsorships as a financing model are also discussed.In detail, the portfolio of communication that has been created with the brand „Maxi – s‘ländlekalb“ developed for, is described. In addition to the concept, the corporate design with the logo, colours and shapes as well as illustrations are presented. The communication channels of the project in the form of the website and printed matter are also shown. By means of two guided interviews with focus groups, the project was evaluated on the basis of qualitative research, and the difference between qualitative and quantitative research is explained in more detail. Finally, the work and the process are reviewed, a conclusion is drawn and an outlook on the future of the project and the next steps is given.