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Marilena Tumler

Marilena Tumler is currently completing her master’s degree in philosophy, psychology, history (MEd.) and ethics (MA) at the University of Vienna. In her master’s thesis she examines the use of mixed reality in history didactics. She recently completed an internship at the Dornbirn City Archive, where she was able to do a lot of research for her master’s project, in which she is creating a location-based mixed-reality app. In 2019 she gained a BA in philosophy, psychology and history.

Marilena IN ACTION

Date & Time



10.09.21 | 09:00 – 12:00

Symposium Panel I
Marilena Tumler & Roland Bernhard
(Department of History, University of Vienna)
Histourism – the development of a location-based mixed-reality app to teach local history in Austria

Vorarlberg Museum, Kornmarktplatz 1,  Bregenz, Austria