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Salon Flux develops an interactive and continuously growing collaborative installation during the festival that manifests itself – digitally supported and localized – at various locations in Dornbirn. Situated-2021. Claiming a space for collaboration explores imaginaries of places, psychogeographies of spaces and spatial transformations through body movement and tries to claim space for collaborative artistic practice.  

Our perception of the present is determined by the media. But do we also learn from the media what our future looks like? And if the media are so decisive for us, what does their future look like? Based on Max Frisch’s “questionnaire”, questions can be posed to ORF Vorarlberg staff members via the disrupt:media! section. “What would the future look like without media?” “How does your day move society forward today?” “What will you be doing in 2041?” “What kind of media will there be in 2041?”,… These questions are displayed on screens in the foyer of the ORF and are intended to stimulate reflection.