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Disrupt:it Challenge - Imagining Desirable Futures

What are your visions for the year 2041? Which object that you use today would you take with you into the future? What will the world be like then? What will have changed? Will the object have changed or only its meaning? For example, will you still use your cell phone the way you do right now?

Just show us an object that you’ll also use in the future! Because that’s what the disrupt:it! Challenge! is about.

We ask people all over the world to think about the future and post photos of the items they will still use or want to use differently than they do today. The challenge is to nominate three other people to develop images of the future together.

The #disruptitchallenge is part of a research project being conducted by the Department of Design at the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences that will take its starting point at the 2021 Ars Electronica Festival. The best entries will be published at This website will remain online until 2041 – then we’ll take a look back at the envisioned future!

How does it work? To be part of this international future project, you just have to

  1. select an object that you would take with you into the future
  2. take a picture and post it on your Instagram channel, show the object and also how you think you’ll use it
  3. use the hashtag #disruptitchallenge
  4. tag us @intermedia.fhv
  5. nominate three more friends for the #disruptitchallenge and ask them to do the same