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Transformative Design Concepts for Hybrid Spaces

08.09. - 12.9.2021

The Faculty of Design of the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences is partner of this year’s Ars Electronica Festival. The festival takes place from September 8-12 under the motto “a new digital deal” in decentralized, digital and real gardens around the world.

Taking the notion of disruptive innovation as a starting point, we enter the Ars Electronica Festival Garden Vorarlberg with a “Disrupt:it! Challenge”, where people from around the world are invited to playfully involve in a process of disrupting innovation by de-contextualizing, re-constructing and prototyping places, spaces and everyday objects.  

Oriented towards a transdisciplinary, participatory design research process, this garden consists of a nomadic programme, where disruptivity is used as both a metaphor and a format of collaborative knowledge production. All people interested in sustainable future design are invited to participate, think and experiment in workshops, interventions and a symposium.  

It brings together the perspectives of pioneers of change and the civil society with those of designers and artists in a transdisciplinary, participatory design research process to experiment with alternative models of thinking and intervention with the aim of developing transformative spatial concepts. 

Curatorial Statement
“Disruptiveness, understood as a tendency towards unforeseen change, appears as an inherent characteristic of contemporary societies. Which processes or innovations are considered as disruptive, in many cases depends on the orders and systems that are disrupted, disturbed or destroyed by them. Thus, they always have to be considered in relation to an assumed normal course that they sabotage. We ask how these dynamics of change can be harnessed to develop new patterns and models  of thinking and acting to design socially and ecologically sustainable future(s) for all.”

Dr. Margarita Köhl